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Change the Way You See Yourself with a Fit 3D Body Scan

We all struggle with body issues from time to time, whether clothes aren’t fitting as well as they used to or the body has gone through changes in recent months. Fortunately, the digital age brings us one of the greatest inventions yet: Fit 3D body scanning. This cutting-edge technology produces 3D replicas of your body so you can track changes over time, and it is available at our luxury medspa.

What is a Fit 3D Body Scan? 

A Fit 3D body scan is an innovative tracking technology that utilizes advanced scanners and sensors to create a 3D model of your body. The body scanning device uses lasers as the main method of accurately capturing the measurements of an individual’s body and transforming it into a digital reproduction. This approach is also referred to as “structured light” because the lasers work in tandem with a feedback device to project the duplicated pattern in real-time.

Structured light lasers will hover over the body and create thousands of data points, which are combined in a digital app to form the 3D prototype. Using a Fit 3D body scanner allows you to engineer a more detailed, accurate, and realistic model if performed accurately. In order for the laser to record the correct readings, you must stand perfectly still for long periods of time while the laser measures you from head to toe. Moving during the process can cause the laser to read the same area twice, which will affect the final results.

What is Fit 3D Body Scanning Used For? 

As 3D body scanning becomes more mainstream, the uses for this technology are increasing by leaps and bounds, as well. Fit 3D body scanning is probably best known for its applications in the health and fitness industry. Wellness and fitness centers use Fit 3D body scanning technology to accurately depict the client’s measurements and highlight areas of improvement. During the fitness regimen, Fit 3D body scans can track changes in BMI and body shape by comparing recent body scans to older body scans. This process can continue as long as it takes for the client to reach his or her goal, whether through personal training for fitness or weight loss programs, available in Yardley, PA, and surrounding areas.

Similarly, aesthetic practices use Fit 3D body scanning to verify the efficiency of their body contouring programs. Before a client starts a body contouring journey, a certified aesthetic technician creates a 3D model of the client’s body. Once the program is finished, another replica is created to compare the before-and-after results.

Furthermore, Fit 3D body scanning is being extended into the fashion industry. Ordering custom fitting garments can be a frustrating process, especially if you don’t have access to a tailor. With an accurate digital depiction of your measurements, you can easily have clothes custom-made to fit your body shape perfectly. The Fit 3D program will automatically send your measurements to the StitchFix app to create your perfect fit. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new look.

If you’re looking to learn more about Fit 3D body scanning, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! As an integrative medicine and aesthetic practice, we focus on numerous wellness procedures that are designed to bring out the best in our clients, including Fit 3D body scanning, weight loss programs, and microneedling facial, all in our convenient Newtown location.