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COVID-19 Anxiety: How a Life Coach Can Help You Cope

Whether you’ve been living in isolation since the start of the pandemic or working as an essential employee, the stress and anxiety caused by COVID-19 might be taking a toll on your mental health. A series of sessions with a life coach might be just what you need to regain your focus and ease your worries. Refresh offers life coach counseling to help you learn coping skills and relieve anxiety in complicated situations.

How a Life Coach Can Help With COVID-19 Anxiety

A life coach helps you set goals, manage your emotions, and create a consistent routine. Since the pandemic has upended many normal activities, finding new ways to cope with stress is essential for your well-being. Things you can learn from a life coach that might help you with COVID-19 anxiety include:

  • How to set reasonable goals and separate them into steps, so you can see measurable progress.
  • Ways to manage your unstructured time.
  • Techniques to set and maintain boundaries if you’re living with someone else during COVID-19 stay-at-home mandates.
  • Coping skills to deal with plans that have been derailed because of COVID-19.
  • Self-care methods to counter COVID-19 anxiety and stress.

How Life Coaching for Stress Works

Life coaching gives you the tools and techniques you need to deal with whatever life throws at you, including global pandemics that throw your normal routines into disarray. During half-hour or hour-long sessions, your life coach can provide suggestions for ways to structure your time and help you look at problems from a new perspective, so you can go home and start working more efficiently toward your goals. Sessions may include role-playing scenarios and in-depth discussions about any current problems you’re working through.

Managing COVID-19 Anxiety at Home

There are some things you can do between life coaching sessions to help minimize your stress at home. Maintaining a daily routine and setting limits on news and social media consumption can help you stay centered. Additionally, regular video calls or messaging sessions with friends can ease loneliness during isolation.

If you’re ready to find new ways to deal with COVID-related stress and anxiety, contact us to learn more about consulting with a personal life coach in Newtown, PA.