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Why Not Eating Enough Food Could Be Making You Gain Weight

Here at Refresh, we’re committed to creating physician assisted weight loss programs that are tailored to individual needs and requirements. Our 12-week program helps to optimize your body’s metabolism through rigorous testing and the prescription of supplemental and dietary advice to which hold our clients accountable. This process helps to encourage individuals to work towards their weight loss goals and create the healthiest version of themselves.

One of the most common things we see when someone comes to our office to discuss his or her weight loss goals is that the patient has tried to starve him or herself to lose weight. In reality, doing this could be detrimental to your weight loss journey. In fact, sometimes people gain weight because they are not eating enough food and below are a few reasons why.


Inside our bodies are intelligent ecosystems that are continually regulating specific processes to support homeostasis. When we try to lose weight, we often restrict the amount of food that we are eating. If the amount of food that we eat decreases drastically, the body will reduce the metabolic rate so that it burns fewer calories.

Slower Metabolism = Slower Weight Loss

If your body starts to burn fewer calories every day, it becomes far more difficult for you to lose weight. Therefore, one of the main contributors to weight gain is not eating enough food regularly.

Metabolic Crashes

When you are not providing the body with energy to fuel everyday activities, it starts to look for the energy from the inside. Many people presume that the body will search for energy in stored body fat. However, it’s easier for the body to find energy from breaking down lean muscle mass as this is quickly converted into glucose and then burned for additional energy.

When you have less muscle mass, your metabolism slows down even more, essentially crashing! So, you will have to start eating more food to increase your metabolic rate back up to its standard functionality.

How to Avoid Metabolic Slowdown and Crashing

At Refresh, our weight loss program is tailored to individual metabolic processes. We’ll help to slowly increase your calories until you achieve a slightly higher caloric baseline. Once this is completed, we can help to bring it down slowly by dieting. We’ll hold you accountable for your daily food intake, and introduce you to supplements that will help with your weight loss journey. Our results-driven approach is unrivaled by other weight loss and fitness professionals because of our tailoring, high-tech lab testing, and groundbreaking patient processes.’

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